John & Mike Anderson of Tank Farm Clothing; photo: cehwiedel
Meet John and Mike Anderson, in “Los Al Grads Bring Traditional Clothing Line Back Home,” published in the News-Enterprise on December 8, 2010. John and Mike own Tank Farm Clothing, a line of upscale casual mens clothing.

Shelley Henderson,
“The MIT Engineer who writes plain English”

More than 30 years of experience at your service.

  • news releases & articles
  • marketing packets
  • computers:
    microprocessors through mainframes to supercomputers
  • applications:
    spreadsheets, databases, website design, page layout,
    graphics, presentation software, slideshow software
  • technical documentation:
    inline through internal to external and online
  • presentations & papers:
    rough notes to polished deliverable
  • business correspondence:
    emails to hardcopy letters to client newsletters
  • business marketing:
    fliers, brochures, website copy, news releases

Hire me to clear backups, jumpstart stalled projects, polish position papers, update websites, liberate news releases, get newsletters back on schedule, and sand the rough edges from correspondence.

My undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the University of Southern California (BS 1977), and master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SM 1982) prepared me to chew through complex technical information quickly and accurately.

Subsequent employment as a member of technical staff used not only my coding and writing skills, but also required project management, public speaking and authoring technical papers.

Under my direction, projects have grown from fuzzy hand-waving through detailed specifications and multi-stage progress reports to sign-off at successful completion.

Before the World Wide Web was invented, I wrote copy for technical archive and retrieval. When HTML burst open the Internet, I added writing copy for websites. Complex technical writing always needs translation into plain English. I can translate for your target audience.

Writing is an everyday task for me: from blogs and tweets to news releases, features and articles.

All this experience is freelance and waiting to help you.

Contact me now for a free initial consultation and assessment.